Ancient Spin – PUBG Mobile Season 13 –

Ancient Spin – PUBG Mobile Season 13 –

Ancient Spin - PUBG Mobile Season 13 -

PUBG Mobile has introduced the Ancient Spin Event. In this event, players can get some rewards by spending some UC. UC cost will increase after each draw.  Players will be able to collect Fragments which can be used to purchase their favorite item in the shop. The first draw cost is 10 UC and the second Draw cost is 60 UC. If you want to open 10 draws at the same time (at once) it will cost you 540 UC.
The event starts at 16/06/2020
The event ends on 06/07/2020.

Event will End in


If timer shows 00 00 00 00 than this event is ended or expired

Promo Video of Ancient Spin Event

Rules & Shop Item

Fragments will expire at the end of the event please use them before the event ended

Ancient Spin - PUBG Mobile Season 13 - 2

The first Draw only Cost 10 UC
Play Number of times to receive a reward
Exchange Lucky Coins with Rare items in the Shop
In the above image you can see the cost of each item that is available in the shop to purchase with Lucky Coin or Fragments.

Rewards for Ancient Spin Event

Rewards of the Ancient Spin event are as follows. In this event, Classic and Premium Create Coupon Scrap is also available as a reward but we cover only exclusive items here.

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