Andy Puppet Show – PUBG Mobile Season 13 –

Andy Puppet Show - PUBG Mobile Season 13 - (1)

Andy Puppet Show - PUBG Mobile Season 13 -

PUBG Mobile has introduced Andy Puppet Show Event. This Event is related to a brand new character named ANDY.  And now they are launching ANDY. Every character has a completely different story and ability and also has their create which can be open by spending UC or By upgrading character. As you play more play with your character the more you can upgrade.

Event Starts at 11/06/2020
Event Ends at 16/06/2020.

Event will End in

If timer shows 00 00 00 00 than this event is ended or expired

Andy Puppet Show - Promo Video

Andy's Ability

Increases the speed of drawing and putting away weapon by 16%
Evoground only Skill

Andy's Cost

Andy can be unlocked by spending 1200 character Vouchers or You can directly buy Andy Character by spending 1200 UC.

June 13th - Andy's Revenge!

One reward is unlocked everyday during the event period. Login in daily to Claim it.

1 Classic Create Coupon Scrap

5 Character Shard

60 Character Vouchers

More Details about Andy Puppet Show

In this event, Andy Puppet Show – PUBG Mobile lets us know that Andy is a Puppeteer having nimble fingers and also has a beautiful Voice. But he was attacked and his voice got destroyed.  Nowadays he is playing with more dangerous toys. He is here to take revenge. Let’s Find out who was behind this attack.

Most players have not to spend UC to unlock the Character there for PUBG Mobile offers free character Vouchers
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Players having character vouchers are thinking to unlock Carlo Character but Now PUBG Mobile launched Andy so we have to see what players will do whether they purchased Carlo? or Andy. Which Character will you purchase? let us know in the comment section below.

Other Characters in PUBG Mobile

Andy is the Fourth Character of PUBG Mobile Before this PUBG Mobile launched other Characters, their details are as follows

Andy Puppet Show - Characters of PUBG Mobile - PUBG Mobile Season 13

It is the first Character in PUBG Mobile and is available for free to everyone.

It is the 2nd Character in PUBG Mobile and is available for 600 Character Vouchers.

It is the 3rd Character in PUBG Mobile and is available for 1200 Character Vouchers.

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