Smash The Eggs – PUBG Mobile Season 13 –

Smash The Eggs - PUBG Mobile Season 13 - (1)

Smash the Eggs - PUBG Mobile Season 13 -

PUBG Mobile has introduced Smash the Eggs Event. In this event, Players will get daily 3 free hammers. Each hammer can be used to Smash the Egg. To get hammers players will have to complete 3 missions daily. There are some random rewards for Smashing Eggs daily but there are 2 permanent rewards if players Smash a total of 24 and 48 eggs.

Event Starts at 12/06/2020
Event Ends at 23/06/2020.

Event will End in

If timer shows 00 00 00 00 than this event is ended or expired


Complete all Specified Missions on a Daily Basis.
Use are Hammers during the event period, cannot be used after the event.
Can Spend UC to purchase Hammer. it will cost 30 UC Each

Smash the Eggs - Summer Land Comes!

Complete missions to get free hammers. Complete 3 missions daily to get extra rewards. There are some random rewards on smashing Eggs but you can also get 2 permanent rewards by Smashing 24 Eggs and 48 Eggs. If you don’t want to complete missions you can Smash an Egg by spending 30 UC.

Missions in Smash the Eggs

Your missions in this event may vary from these missions.

Login Daily to Collect Rewards
Complete Two matches with friends
Finish in Top 10 One time with friends

Permanent & Random Rewards in Smash the Eggs

Players will get a Permanent Outfit (One Smashing 24 Eggs)

Players will get a Permanent Auspicious Touch – Pan (One Smashing 48 Eggs)

A Headgear (3 days)

An Outfit (3 Days)

Companion Food

RP Missions Card

1 Premium Create Coupon

1 Classic Create Coupon

1 Classic Create Coupon

30 UC vouchers

2 Classic Create coupon 100

Details of the Event

Open your PUBG Mobile and go to the Recommended Tab from the events section and then press the LUCKY EGG Tab and then click on the image.
Press Get Lucky Hammers for free. Here you can see the daily missions you have to complete. You have to collect the hammers before next day started in-game pother wise you lose them.

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